Association of Coffee Mill Enthusiasts (A.C.M.E.)
Association of Coffee Mill Enthusiasts (A.C.M.E.)

                    Antique Coffee Grinders

Association of Coffee Mill Enthusiasts (A.C.M.E.)

ACME was established in 1994 for the purpose of preserving the history and to encourage the collecting of domestic and international antique coffee mills.  ACME was created as a central repository for the sharing of knowledge, securing authentic parts pertaining to the repair, and restoration of antique coffee mills.  We currently have about 200 members from the United States, France, Germany, Canada, S. Korea and several other countries. 


Membership is open to any "millaholic" regardless of the size of their collection.




Do you have any ACME or coffee grinder related questions? Please understand we primarily focus on American made coffee grinders, but can refer you to a European Coffee Grinder Club to assist with European grinders. Replacement parts are always difficult to find, but we do have some limited resources and can try to help you with grinder identification or locating parts.


NOTE: We do not offer a valuation service.


Use the Contact Us page to send us an email with questions you may have.


NOTE: The MacMillan Index has been reprinted and is now available! 

The reprint is in two volumes this time (for ease of handling the approximately 1350 pages).  The index will be available as a set only.  More information is listed under the Reference Material-Book page.


NOTE:  Responses to questions are usually sent during weekends.




ACME Mill recast from Enterprise Mfg. Co. mold.  Note the cast lid and star on top.  This was not original to the Enterprise models.

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